Scrapping Aircraft Giants Covers Commercial Airliners and Military Aircraft Dismantling and Scrapping.

Junkyard Jets

By James Douglas Scroggins III and Nicholas A. Veronico

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Where do airliners go when they die?

Junkyard Jets is a behind-the-scenes look at the airliner storage and scrapping industry. This photographic tour takes readers from an airliner’s retirement to a jetliner’s dismantling and recycling. Separate chapters cover airliner incidents and airframes used for a variety of tests. The book concludes with photos of jetliners used in television productions. Junkyard Jets was published by Stance and Speed in December 2010. Junkyard jets is printed in landscape format (8.5×11-inches), consisting of 192 pages with 367 color photos. It is available in hardbound with a dust jacket, or softbound.


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